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Own the business you run

Enabling you to take that major step

Many skilled management teams want to own the business they run to take it to the next level. As an owner-managed business ourselves, we understand this driving ambition – and have the expertise to help.


There are a number of situations that bring about the opportunity for a management buy-out.

For most management teams, a management buy-out is uncharted territory.
  • The current owner wishes to sell.
  • You seek greater financial reward from a company in which you’ve invested your time and passion.
  • There is a need to bring in new funding and strategic partners to deliver the next stage of growth.
  • You wish to approach the current owners to buy the business.

Whatever the situation, Sovereign has the track record, funding and expertise to enable you to do this.

Moving from employee to owner-manager is a big step; not just in terms of having the funding in place, but in having the right support beyond the completion of the deal. For example:

  • How best do you rapidly scale up your international aspirations?
  • How do you augment your management team, if necessary, with the right talent?
  • How can you successfully acquire then integrate new businesses while staying focused on the ‘day job’?
  • How do you prepare your business for sale when the time is right?

These are just some of the considerations that ambitious management teams will explore.

Why Sovereign?

We will work with you to understand your business in depth, the particular market dynamics, your growth strategy and, not least, your personal goals and ambitions.

We can support intensive organic growth enabling you to rapidly roll out new sites, invest in systems, technology and infrastructure, optimise sales & marketing and much more. By acting as your M&A team, we help identify strategic acquisitions that will accelerate growth, adding new geographies and clients and expanding the service offering.

With the Sovereign team you will have:

  • the opportunity to really shape the direction and achievements of their business
  • our expertise, strategic capabilities and non-prescriptive approach
  • our extensive know-how to help deliver accelerated growth.

Not least, we bring our passion, drive and full support. The combination of our expertise, track record and approach enables us to partner management teams to build market-leading businesses time and time again.


Sovereign has been a highly supportive investor financially and strategically. The partnership delivered tangible benefits for our clients as a result of the accelerated investment in product development, further enhancing clients' data management capabilities. Together we have been able to deliver on a shared vision for the Group.

Mark Hepsworth / CEO / Alveo

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