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Accelerate Growth

So what's the difference between an 'investor' and an 'investment partner'?


If you’ve reached a point where you believe significant investment will help grow your business, we provide much more than money.

Is your vision to:

  • Expand domestically or internationally?
  • Grow through acquisition?
  • Upgrade your infrastructure?
  • Access new talent to strengthen your team and offering further?

Our team will work with you to help make change happen.


Many owners want to reduce personal financial risk while continuing to develop their business.

With our support you can:

  • Realise some of the value tied up in your business
  • De-risk your position and ensure personal long-term financial stability
  • Secure new investment and access the expertise to help take your business to the next stage of growth.

Why Sovereign?

We have one of the largest investment and specialist research teams in our market: over 300 Buy & Build transactions completed.

This means we have the expertise and deep sector knowledge to help deliver the growth strategy that’s right for your business. We will, for example:

  • work with you throughout the investment period to realise your business’ potential.
  • partner you to ensure any follow-on acquisitions you make are seamlessly integrated.
  • structure a deal that suits your interests and ambitions, not simply our own.

We know that situations change, markets shift and unforeseen business challenges arise. We’ll work with you to adapt and evolve.

We’re not fair-weather friends, we are committed investment partners. The stories are all around us.

My ambition was to expand the company further… and I also hoped to realise some of the value in the company.

Shaun Ellison Founder

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