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The Sovereign Sustainability Network

As a responsible investor and signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investing), Sovereign is committed to integrating strong Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) practices into both our own business and the companies we support. We recognize that responsible ESG practices are not only necessary to mitigate risks, but also crucial for business sustainability in the context of an increasingly challenging environmental and global backdrop. Most importantly, they are the right thing to do.

To assist our portfolio companies in their sustainability journeys, we have created The Sovereign Sustainability Network, a structured support program which includes an annual carbon footprint report for each business and an ESG plan aligned with their values and strategy.

In addition, we support charities that are close to our hearts. We are always inspired by the valuable work these organizations undertake and the impact they make. They work tirelessly to help people, protect wildlife, and make a real difference.

We are proud to support these charities and the work that they do.