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Jake Warman

Investment Director



Years ago, I read, Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco (I highly recommend it!).  Based on the leveraged buy-out of RJR Nabisco, it’s a compelling tale that sparked my interest in private equity. At the time I was a solicitor at Watson Farley Williams, where I worked on taking companies from public to private. This experience enabled me to progress into private equity.

I then moved to Skillcapital where I worked in both the London and New York offices.  In 2014, I joined Sovereign’s origination team focusing on the services sector, and became an Investment Director in 2017.  At Sovereign we take time to thoroughly understand each market and each business in detail.  It’s this focused and detailed approach and appetite for new opportunities that enabled me to develop a sub-sector thesis which resulted in a new platform investment. 

At Sovereign we take time to thoroughly understand each market and each business in detail.

We place a real emphasis on forging strong relationships across the board, from the management teams that we partner to the advisors that we work with.  Great relationships mean that you can go beyond what you would ever expect to achieve alone.  

I got my MA in Philosophy and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin and my CPE and LPC qualifications from BPP Law School in London. In my spare time, I'm a mad keen fly-fisherman although my young son currently takes priority!

Areas of Interest

  • Business Services
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Succession Planning 

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