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  • Status: Realised
  • Date: 2003 - 2006
  • Sectors:
    • Education & Training
    • Healthcare & Pharma Services
  • Buy & Build: 5

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SENAD operates homes and schools for children and young people who have special education and/or care needs. At exit the Group was recognised as the pre-eminent dedicated provider of SEN schools in the UK through its delivery of high-quality education and care.

Investment Background

Through Sovereign's sector knowledge, there was recognition that there was a distinct shortage of specialist facilities for clients with more complex Special Education Needs (SEN). Sovereign wanted to create a group that would provide market leading care and education through a strateagy of Buy & Build.

Both Principal Care Services and Honormead were family-owned businesses keen to find a buyer who would continue to build upon what had already been achieved. Sovereign developed a plan that addressed the vendors’ succession issues, and the SENAD group was established.

Value Creation

  • Identified and put in place mangement team as part of succession planning
  • Financed the acquisiton of 3 further schools

SENAD at exit

Sovereign put in place a first class management team to deliver the strategy for growth led by Terry Lee, who previously ran Priory Healthcare’s Services for Young People division. Sovereign continued to invest in new facilities for the group to support organic growth and also financed the acquisition of three further schools: Tregynon Hall School, Aran Hall School and Orchard School.

At exit SENAD offered over 400 places for children and young adults across seven schools and was recognised as the pre-eminent dedicated provider of SEN schools in the country. This was achieved through a combination of management’s focus on providing quality education and care, and Sovereign’s sector knowledge and Buy & Build expertise.

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