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We wanted to share some good news in these challenging times


The management team, staff and students at our portfolio education provider BIMM Institute, have rapidly generated new initiatives that are keeping student learning and collaboration on track, as well as supporting wellbeing and charity. Here are just a few of them – and the music sounds great!


  • BIMM’s Covid-19 Support Fund: BIMM is ensuring that students have access to the kit they need - from computer equipment and music software to webcams and headphones - to take part in classes at home.
  • Digital collaboration: Student band Strawman and the Jackdaws from BIMM Institute Dublin, have used technology to find a way to play 'together' despite currently being in different places around the world. Listen here
  • Wellbeing intranet: Built and launched in just 3 days for staff and lecturers, this intranet provides a single point of access for business-critical information and updates, as well as keeping staff connected through social and wellbeing activities.
  • Charity album: The creation of John E Vistic, a musician and senior lecturer at BIMM Bristol and London, and with some 30 artists taking part, ‘The Ark’ is being distributed online to raise funds for Quartet Community Foundation’s Coronavirus 2020 Response Fund. Find out more
  • BIMM Lockdown Sessions: BIMM students from each college have been showcasing their music live every Wednesday afternoon on Facebook, whilst students in BIMM Germany have been performing live on Instagram.
  • Filmmaking: Screen and Film School students have been getting creative for a 'stay at home' competition. As part of the prizes, Screen and Film School are offering a place on their 10-week Introduction to Filmmaking course.
  • Zen challenge: A BIMM London student has set up “The Most Zen 30 Day Challenge” inviting students to be creative, sending daily prompts for them.