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15 January 2019: Exit or Opportunity?

by Peter Shaw


Once again, the UK’s future is up in the air with this evening’s Brexit vote in parliament. While the country watches to see how it lands, Sovereign continues to work with the teams in our portfolio businesses to explore potential opportunities. As the Insurance Post reported last week, Arachas, the Irish insurance brokerage backed by Sovereign “is considering reaching out to UK partners to overcome potential passporting barriers in a post-Brexit world.”

Arachas is a top three commercial lines broker in Ireland and well placed to partner with a UK firm which is considering how it might distribute insurance products after leaving the EU. CEO Conor Brennan told the Post, “I’d like to think that Arachas would be very collaborative and easy to work with in that context. I still fundamentally believe that, regardless of the outcome of Brexit, our world won’t be the same and that strategic partnerships are most probably going to win the day.”

Sovereign looks forward to partnering with management teams across insurance and the other sectors we work in to support their growth aspirations – regardless of political backdrop.

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