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The Sovereign Sustainability Network announces support for climate charity Cool Earth


This Christmas, The Sovereign Sustainability Network is proud to announce our partnership with climate charity Cool Earth, which champions the relationship between people, rainforest and climate globally.

About Cool Earth: Founded in 2007, Cool Earth works with people living in the world’s most threatened rainforests - in the Amazon, Congo and New Guinea - to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change, which affects us all. They raise and give cash directly, and partner with indigenous people and local communities on projects that tackle the root causes of deforestation. From beehives to fish farms, to satellites in space and paraecology, Cool Earth's partnerships focus on people-powered conservation to give more choice and autonomy to those best able to protect rainforest that cools the Earth and fight the climate crisis.

The Sovereign Sustainability Network: As a responsible investor, Sovereign created The Sovereign Sustainability Network to provide structured support to our portfolio companies with their work in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG). This includes toolkits and briefing papers, an annual Carbon Footprint Calculation; a meaningful three-year ESG plan reportable at board level with clear objectives and goals, and the support of ESG consultants throughout the time of Sovereign’s investment.

Our Responsible Investment Principles are Transparency, Active Engagement, Robustness and Innovation. We aspire to maximise the positive impact potential of our investments, including their sustainable growth and value creation, and inherent social benefits of the sectors we invest in, while eliminating or minimising negative impacts, including climate change. We recognise that the wider responsible investment agenda will continue to evolve and are committed to reviewing and updating our practices in the months and years to come.

‘Helping Cool Earth to halt tropical deforestation makes a real difference. Perhaps the biggest difference we will make in our whole lives.’

Sir David Attenborough

A few Cool Earth facts

  • Despite covering only 3% of Earth’s surface, rainforest is our life support system, keeping the world’s climate in balance.
  • Storing carbon in their trunks, roots, leaves and soils, tropical rainforests are the best carbon-storing technology that already exists. They are capable of providing 23% of the cost-effective climate mitigation needed before 2030.
  • Tropical rainforests are home to more species than any other terrestrial habitat. Supporting 1.6 billion people worldwide, rainforests are also home to 350 million people around the tropics. They are essential for shelter, health, food, cultures and traditions. And when they are lost, so are many ways of life.



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